Established in 1912, Acri represents the joint-stock Savings Banks and the Foundations of Banking Origin that came into existence in the early 1990s pursuant to the enactment of the so-called "Amato" Law, no. 218/90.
Acri is an indipendent, non-profit, apolitical Association intended to:

  • represent and protect the interests of its Members, so that these can achieve their institutional goals, safeguard their assets and pursue economic and technical development;
  • coordinate its Members' activities in their areas of interest for greater effectiveness as well as to encourage the implementation of joint and common-interest projects;
  • search and foster cooperation opportunities between Members and Italian and foreign entities, companies and relevant organisations;
  • negotiate the terms and conditions of conventions and agreements to be submitted to the Members for approval.


Acri performs its activities solely in the interest of its Members, both Banks and Foundations. It represents and protects their interests and provides operational support. Acri cooperates closely with the Italian Banking Association (Abi) to deal with issues that joint-stock Savings Banks have in common with other banks. On the other hand, it handles promptly and directly all the matters that are specific to Savings Banks due to their different traditions and shared institutional features. With respect to the Foundations, Acri carries out its tasks by fulfilling, among others, the functions assigned to it by law, such as representing its Members before the Foundation Supervision Authority pursuant to article 10 of legislative decree no. 153/99 and as the entity involved in the application of article 15 of law 266/91 on volunteer activities. With respect to the Foundations, Acri endeavours to firm up and enhance its role in providing strategic, planning and organisational assistance as well as in developing international relations and arranging actions and projects with third parties.